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In the 'Home' section, you'll find a cigarette counter and a timer to track your smoke-free time. At the bottom, there's a timeline that logs your smoked cigarettes, including location and timestamp. This timeline allows you to filter by different parameters such as the current day, yesterday, or the entire week, offering insights into your smoking patterns and progress on your smoke-free journey.

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In the "Health" section, you can monitor the percentage improvements in various aspects of your health as you continue to stay smoke-free. These aspects include blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, nicotine levels in the blood, the risk of heart attack, and more.


Here, you can visualize your weekly cigarette expenses through Line and Pie graphs. Additionally, you'll have the ability to track your total spending for the month and overall duration.

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Discover a dynamic 'Communities' section designed for both quitters and coaches. Connect with others who understand your journey, engage in private chats, and share your progress through posts. Find profiles of coaches and access their services directly in the app. For coaches, this section offers tailored tools to interact, share insights, and connect with potential clients.

Are you a Coach?

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Share your expertise and provide personalized guidance to empower others to break free from the habit and improve their well-being. Make a positive impact and earn money by helping people lead healthier lives.

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As a Quit Smoking Coach, you will offer customized modules and exercises to individuals who are quitting smoking. These resources will be specifically designed to address their unique needs, challenges, and motivations.

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Facilitate direct and convenient communication between the Quit Smoking Coach and individuals through video calls and chat. This feature allows for real-time discussions, providing a personal touch to the coaching experience.

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FAQ For Coaches

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